Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Update #2 on June 24

So after seeing Dr. Kropski on June 9, I woke up June 11 to a raw, scratchy, burny throat and upper chest. By Friday morning, I was in really bad shape and had to go in ASAP. I had bronchitis and the doctor said she could hear some pneumonia crackling. Needless to say, it was not a good weekend. But, I took all of my meds, etc. and I'm feeling much better now.

I had scheduled a minor surgery for yesterday, June 23. It was still up in the air through last Friday, my breathing had to be pretty clear, etc. I had an IUD implanted.

Now, my tubes were tied 18 years ago. The purpose of this device is to regulate my cycle, and the brand that she uses releases a small amount of hormone so that my cycle will be very light. After the last 11 weeks that sounds like a great plan to me!!

Everything went well with the surgery and I got to leave the hospital yesterday about 3:00. I am at work today - no discomfort at all, no pain, and no bleeding!! Can you see me doing a jig? Not really, but I would if I could!!!

AND, on Friday I had lost 10 of the 17 pounds I'd gained, so I am almost back to where I was. Now that I can plan on getting in the pool to walk, and get back on my regular medicine schedule, and keep getting the CSA box, well, I'm optimistic that I can restart losing weight. I would love to be under 400 pounds by Christmas. I haven't been under 400 pounds since 1999!

That means 56 pounds in 6 months - which is not impossible at all. Keep your fingers crossed and keep me in your prayers. I can do pretty good as long as I ignore the yellow arches! They have to become invisible to me like Hardees did on February 3 - I haven't been back there!!