Saturday, March 6, 2010

True Age

Have you seen Dr. Oz on Oprah or his own show talking about your true age? That's the age your body thinks it is or the age at which your body is performing.

Last year around this time when I was in such bad shape I honestly didn't know if I was going to live to see summer, I took the 'True Age' test. It wasn't so good - the test told me my body was 70!!! Now, I was feeling about 170 and like I'd already been dead for a year or two so I wasn't surprised, but I was hurt. It really did hurt my feelings to be in that bad of shape.

So, after the year I've had, three surgeries, 4 hospitalizations and losing 196 pounds, I decided or remembered actually to take the test again. This time my true age was 58.6 years!!! Hallelujah!

That is still about 9 years older than I am right now - but that is 12 years improvement in one calendar year! I'll take it!

Suggestions for me from the test were to take less meds (don't really see that one happening), increasing my consumption of Omega 3's and get more exercise (which I desparately need to do).

If I stay on the path I've been on - maybe my true age will match my chronological age sometime after I turn 50 on June 1!! Woo hoo!