Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More Good News

SO - let me tell you that having the IUD implanted was the best idea anybody ever had! I've not had any more problems at all AND I am feeling stronger every day. Of course, that has to be from all the iron I'm taking and the fact that I'm not getting more anemic each and every day.

So my blood work is looking good, I'm feeling great, I've been told my eyes are bright again and my color is better than it had been in months. The best thing is I weighed at the doctor yesterday and I'd lost 22 more pounds!!

Now, this is 22 net, the 17 I'd regained from being off the meds is gone to. As of today, my net weight loss is 158 pounds!!! That is a whole person - in fact - my aunt in Bowling Green weighs exactly that amount!!

I am going to go shopping after Labor Day for some new clothes. Right now, everything I have hangs on me and I can barely keep my pants up - but I have a numeric goal in my mind before I buy anything. I only have one dress and one skirt I can wear right now - everything else falls off my shoulders so bad I can't keep it on! That's pretty exciting to me!!

Renee says I am smaller than she is - and I think she's right!

Fresh fruit and veggies rock!! I'm eating almost no meat, lots of veggies and fruit, and yes, I even had McDonalds a couple of times. BUT, instead of getting the big combo, etc. I get the happy meal. Satifies my craving with 1/2 the food and I'm just as happy with it!

Remember my promise to myself - when I go below 300 pounds I'm buying a new Camaro!!!