Monday, February 22, 2010

Exam Results

So the mobility exam went well - I was a bit apprehensive since I didn't know what to expect. It was not too much to it really - I can't walk without assistance from someone or something - not much else to know.

I did weigh in - I was at 406. Now, I was glad not to be above 407. I can see in my legs and abdomen that there is excess fluid back on me - so I have continued to lose fat since my weight had not increased. Goal between now and cardiology visit in April - get the fluid off and maybe just maybe, hit 350 by my birthday.

My sweet little doctor told me he was leaving! He's not leaving Vanderbilt but going to be a fellow in the pulmonary institute. I told him no offense but I hoped not to see him and he agreed, as a patient, he would not want to see me since most of his time will be in ICU. He is going to see me one more time before he leaves in June and he said he would miss me! He is a real sweetheart and I will miss him too!

He continued to say something about my weight loss and I explained it to him this way. There are days you never forget, the days my babies were born, the days my parents passed away, and Feb 3, 2009 whcn I topped the scale at 601 pounds. I told him that the milestones before that should have jolted me, but they didn't. I will never forget that day and the fact that I left there severly determined to change my fate. I told him I had been sure I would have died shortly and he agreed saying I was headed for something very bad before things changed.

I am just glad I got a chance to do something before it was too late! I will be satisfied to get down to somewhere between 200 and 225 pounds - about the size I was at high school graduation and in a size 18 clothes which is so much easier to buy now than 30 years ago!

OK - next update after the INR bloodwork next week!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tuesday - Mobility Exam

This Tuesday I'm seeing Dr. Kropski for a mobility exam. Failure of this exam is the success - if I can't move around freely - and I've not done that in years - I can qualify for a mtorized chair. That is quite exciting to me as it will reopen parts of the world I've been closed off to for awhile.

I haven't been inside a mall in about 6 years! I rarely go to movies because the wheelchair was so cumbersome. I can't wait to go to the mall!!

I still haven't bought any new clothes - I am waiting for the shopping trip in my new chair!

More after Tuesday!