Sunday, April 19, 2009

Moving Day is Near

I've been really trying to get everything ready for the move - this fatigue I'm feeling is wearing me out more than I like, and just about more than I can tolerate. I sure hope that once I am moved and set up and can really relax some, the blood pressure will be lower so that a lighter dose is required to keep it down so low. Of course, I'm still going to feel fatigued because my BP is low and my heart rate lower, but I'm hopeful it won't be as bad as right now.

The last few days have been tough for me physically. Besides the pain of the PT and trying to work on that, I've had other problems. I won't be too graffic, but, this is really personal and not something I usually talk about. But, after I've told everyone my weight, I suppose there isn't too much left to hide.

I had not had a monthly cycle for over a year. I'm sure that was because of the weight gain, the tremendous stress of dealing with my son and his problems, and the fallout from those. I had hoped that part of my life was over and it had gone quietly! Sounds too good to be true - believe me it was. With the combination of 150 pounds lost and the medication, Mother Nature decided to do some housecleaning. Now that I realize it, that's why the fatigue is so much worse. So, in a day or two maybe I will feel some better. Any change in normal I have to report to the coumadin clinic at Vanderbilt - I imagine this is something I need to share with them. Those numbers may be quite ascue Tuesday!

The coumadin clinic is now in charge of monitoring my INR and all things to do with my blood. This is not something that will change - I will be on anticoagulation therapy the rest of my life. They are very nice to deal with - and they are really on top of their game. I had blood drawn last Tuesday about 12:50 - they were on the phone about 2:15 with the results and the changes I needed to make for the week. I normally only get blood drawn every two weeks, but they requested we go weekly for awhile too so that can get a clearer picture of changes, etc.

Maybe I should have got an apartment on the Vanderbilt campus!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Understand Fully Now!

When I started taking metorprolol - I didn't think I was experiencing quite the fatigue the doctor described. But, I was only taking 1/2 pill twice a day. Last Tuesday, he switched me to one pill twice a day - and can I tell a difference.

You know the fatigue that sets in when you've physically exerted yourself, muscles feel a little weak with a little burn to them? I feel like most of the time now. I even get tired chewing - which may be a good thing - I got 10 chicken nuggets yesterday and after 5 was too tired to eat any more.

This is supposed to be normal - and I guess if my heartrate is down to 60 and my blood pressure down to 120/70, then I would feel a little weak after some exertion. But I'm not liking it at all.

FYI - today's INR was 3.5 - so they called to see why it had gone up a little too much. The only explanation is that I've eaten less in the last week because eating makes me tired! Imagine that - so my dose is cut back some.

I did go to physical therapy today to try and work out some problems with my left hip since the fall last fall - two sets of 5 at 20 seconds each - I was ready to go to sleep on the ortho bed!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

This Week's Weigh In

After struggling with excess fluid for the whole month, I was afraid of the weigh in on Tuesday. I actually didn't think I'd lost anything else and was figuring I'd put some weight back on. Great news - I didn't gain - I actually lost 8 more pounds!

Definitely not the 30 I'd been looking forward to - but still progress. My doctor was actually relieved, he said I only needed to lose 2-3 lbs per week from now on, anything faster would not be healthy. Still some concern over my kidneys so I had more bloodwork done to be sure we weren't blowing them - so far so good!

So, that's 144 pounds altogether - which is almost 1/4 of my original body weight.

I start physical therapy this Tuesday. I had asked about it because of my lack of stamina and movement after the fall. Since I've managed to get this much weight off - it's a good time to start some kind of program. And, with me moving into Trevecca Towers later this month, they have a workout room and indoor pool. I'd like to get a routine down to use in those facilities that helps me build strength and muscle - I'm already seeing some really flabby skin.

He did increase the metorprolol to 25mg twice a day - my blood pressure was still 143/80 with all that I'm taking, and my heart rate was 80. He wants to get my resting heart rate down to 60 to give it time to fill and rest more. That sure seems slow to me - but then again, I'm not the one with M.D. after my name!

Thanks for all the support and prayers I know friends are sending my way. It helps me tremendously to know that you're rooting for me when the times get tough!

Saturday, April 4, 2009


So I'll have more updates after I see the doctor on Tuesday - but - this week my INR was 3.1! That's just about where they want it to be which is great after more than two months of changing the Coumadin dose every other week. Now, we'll see if I can maintain where I'm at on the dosage I'm on. I was really glad to see it where it's at - it's been so low I wasn't getting any benefit, and so high I was scared of a stroke. It's been as high as 12 - the doctor said at 15 you can begin to seep blood thru your skin and are in danger of a stroke that would be deadly. Pretty scary stuff!

I am hopeful Tuesday's weigh in goes well - I know this - yesterday morning I put on my jacket when I left for work - and for the first time since I've owned it - it would snap around my hips and stomach. It has been at least 10 years since I've had a jacket that would close around that part of my body. I can usually snap the top three or four buttons, but that would be all. That was pretty cool! Of course, the top of the jacket can almost wrapped around me twice because of the size it is, but, I'm making progress.

Other good news - I am looking at an apartment on Tuesday morning at the retirement community I'm moving to - so moving day is coming soon! I'm excited about the opportunity to lessen the stress in my life and hope that leads to more physical rewards in the improvement arena.