Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Moved In and Settled

I've got to do better about updating this blog!!

I got moved into my new apartment the weekend of May 1. My brother and friend from high school, Jimbo, got all of my stuff in about 2 hours - then it took me about three weeks to get completely unpacked and decorated. That might not have taken so long, but the week of May 4 I worked everyday at the florist because of the upcoming Mother's Day weekend. And, I'm still recuperating from severe anemia.

I'm loving my apartment!! It is really nice, my walls had been redone, repainted, and I've got new carpet. There is a nice size kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bath. Also, a 6 ft by 9 ft storage closet I've turned into a craft room. I'm so excited about the chance to do the projects I've accumulated with the "one day I'll have time" attitude. I've got quilts, wreathes, purses, and cross stitch projects to keep me busy at least 5 years. Not to mention all the books I haven't had time to read and movies to watch. It's being good for me, I can tell that the stress level is much lower. I still worry about the kids tremendously and watching Lynn go thru some hard days for him is tough, but I believe he's going to make it.

As far as my health goes, it's been a tough month. While in the hospital, they took me off everything except the Pepcid , Progesterone and Prozac. I came home with Lovenox injections twice a day - now that they are finished I about to start on Coumadin again.

After I first got him, I started back on the blood pressure medicine. It probably didn't have anything to do with it, but about a week after moving in, I started a menstral cycle! Shouldn't have happened, I was on progesterone and two weeks post D&C - but it did. And it was pretty bad for close to two weeks. Not hospitalization bad, but what little ground I had gained in the anemia field, I lost pretty quickly.

I am back to square one - at this point I am ready to begin again to add back the heart medications and see what happens. I am going to have surgery soon - probably next Tuesday - for an IUD to be implanted. The purpose of that is to make me have a regular cycle so that my uterine lining does not have time to build up. The ideal solution is for me to lose enough weight to have the hysterectomy - something I am working hard on!

I see my regular doctor on June 9 so hopefully, I will have progress to report on the weight loss. I don't think I've gained anything back and feel like I've lost a few more pounds. Being anemic, I've been supposed to eat much more, especially protein. Somedays I just don't feel like it - and somedays have eat very little.

One thing that has happened that helps me tremendously, the CSA program I joined started up again May 6. Each Wednesday I get 1/2 bushel of fresh organically grown produce. I've enjoyed lots of fresh lettuce, strawberries, and green onions. I've had lots of radishes, and I've tried - I just can't eat them - I like the crunch but not the flavor!

This week Renee and I went grocery shopping together - I did really well on my purchases and plans for menus - so I think I'm about to get back on track on the eating part.

One thing I've promised myself - if I can get down to 300 pounds or below by June 1, 2010 - my 50th birthday! - I am going to treat myself to a brand new Camaro!! Have you seen one? They are gorgeous!!

Even if I don't make it by my birthday, when I weigh less than 300 I'm buying a Camaro!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lots of Updates

It's hard to believe it's been over two weeks since I posted. So much has happened - I will try to cover most of the health issues here.

My fatigue did not improve, in fact as the week went on it got worse and worse, in direct relation to the worsening menstral cycle. By Thursday, April 23 I could barely stand up and got dizzy when I did. Friday came and I had chest pain so I knew it was going bad. I started calling the doctor but he was out and whomever was supposed to pick up his pages wasn't. The nurse said for me to go to the ER, which I did.

Now, I have to take a sidewinder here. I got to the ER at Vanderbilt at 4:00 PM on Friday afternoon. Do I need to say anymore? It was 6:30 before they took me back to a bed. I honestly thought I would have a major accident before they took me back.

By 7:00 PM I was on a heart monitor and was told I would be admitted. My CBC was low, and on a repeat test in one hour I dropped 4 points. So, a transfusion was in store for me.

I got to a regular room at 6:00 AM on Saturday morning. I am grateful that I was on the back side of the ER and that I did not have to hear or witness any of the Friday night crazy that takes place at Vanderbilt's Emergency Department. Those folks who work there are to be applauded!

I spent four days at VUMC. I had a pap smear and biopsy on Sunday morning. Now, because of my age and symptoms, the top GYN Oncologist came in Sunday to do these procedures. Can you imagine what that is going to cost???

And, I got two units of blood. First transfusion for me - it went well and I didn't have any kind of reaction.

The preliminary lab results were negative for cancer - great news! So on Tuesday, the top GYN Benign doctor (who is married to the top oncologist!) did a D&C and another pap smear.

The great news is that there was no sign of cancer anywhere. I am doing better, still very weak and on iron, etc. with continued follow up on the anemia. I will have to have some surgical procedure soon to be sure this doesn't happen again - still trying to decide on that one.

More in next post!