Thursday, January 21, 2010

So as of now..

I am pretty much in a holding pattern. Things are much improved on the female problem side - so far no further bleeding at all. That means I have more blood and am stronger - which I can tell because I feel like doing more. And, I'm not wearing socks and sweaters all the time!

I have had to switch to a walker instead of the cane, which is regression instead of progression. But, my left hip is gone - it and the knee. There is no cartilage at all in either, the bones crunch against each other with every move I make, and the pain is pretty much unbearable. The strange thing with my hip though is that it didn't start acting up until I had lost a lot of weight. I suppose the extra cushion and the fact that I wasn't trying to do as much was hiding the fact that the hip wasn't working well.

Recently my PCP did prescribe the lowest level of pain killer to see if it would help. At first, I didn't think it did, but if I don't take it on schedule, I can tell a difference. I actually forgot to call in the refill earlier this month and was without a couple of days - now then I could tell it was helping. I am still in pain which seems to be linked to how much activity I'm trying to do - if I stay home and rest quite a bit - there is almost no pain. Get up, shower, dress, go to work, maybe stop at the store, well, by the time I get home it's all I can do to come inside, get in my bed, take 2 pain pills and try to get some relief.

The good thing about this very low dose is that there are no side effects like drowsiness or constipation. I don't get high off of it - so no one else would want to steal it - unless I guess they were going to take a handful??? The bad thing is that there is still some pain involved - but I'm not sure I want to take the next step yet in narcotics. My mind is still good - I'm not ready to fuzzy that up!

On my last visit to the doctor which was the week between Christmas and New Year's - I was at a weight of 407 pounds!! I have not weighed that much (little) since 1998 or so! I had hoped to be down to 400 by January 1 so I was close. I really hope to be down to 350 by June 1. That is a bit ambitious but if I stay on a steady path I should be able to do it.

And believe me when I say I need a face lift!! I am about to order some Philosphy cleansers and toners - and may even try the Preparation H - there is that much saggy skin on my face and chin.

That's not all either - believe me when I say I have no boobs left - and what is there moved way down South!! Even my legs have sags right below the kneecaps where there is additional skin. I can hope that hydration and lots of moisturizing will take care of some of this. If I am successful in getting down to 200 pounds - my ultimate goal - then I will have to consider some cosmetic lifts and tucks at that time. There'll just be no way around it being my age and at that point having lost 2/3 of my body weight!

So that's my physical update - tomorrow more on the Protein S deficiency and what I've come to know about it.

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