Sunday, January 17, 2010

Update #1

OK, since it's been so long since I updated I think I'll break it down into segments. This one will cover the surgery on November 9th and subsequent week.

I went in on the 9th for the uterine ablasion. I was still feeling a bit apprehensive which did not get any better after anesthesiology came to see me. They advised they would put me completely under and breathe for me, since they (the surgeons) would be removing tissue, etc. it would be the best. But, it wasn't what I'd expected nor prepared for. I shared with them my last experience under general and they assured me they would be sure my experience was better. One of them said they'd be sure I was loopy before they gave me the 'paralytics'!! Now, that is paralyzing drugs right? I know this, but my nerves were shot so I was rather upset by this time.

I have to give it to them - that part was a breeze. I came around without any horrid memories of the breathing tube going in or coming out!! I will say this though - I felt the worse I ever have waking up - to which I know I can contribute my overall health situation and my age. It was not fun.

After a couple of hours I was discharged and came home. Things had gone pretty well - the surgeon didn't talk to me too much - I had overheard the others saying my heart acted up a bit toward the end but I had done ok.

There was some bleeding - not real bad - a lot of bloody water from the surgery actually. Things were going well I thought. Oh, and this was on Monday!

Tuesday and Wednesday I laid around, stayed in bed alot, but generally was feeling pretty good about things. Not much bleeding and no pain to speak of - had to be a success right? Don't bet on it!

Thursday I woke up and felt pretty good actually. I got up, got a shower, washed my hair, and got dressed. Thought I felt pretty human and for a few minutes contemplated the course of the day. I was actually on my way to the bathroom when I felt like I was urinating on myself, looked down and saw blood coming thru my clothes, lots of blood, going all over me and onto the floor, etc. It was, needless to say, not a good day.

I thought that it was probably just from the surgery and I'd needed to do that since the bleeding had been minimal, but when it continued I realized I was hemorrhaging. I considered calling 911 and couldn't figure out they would be able to move me since I was bleeding so bad. So, I stayed at home until it slowed up enough that I could go to the ER.

That was not a good idea!! My hematocrit had gone from 30 on Monday to 19 - so an immediate transfusion was ordered. I got two units on Friday, then another two on Saturday when I'd only come back to a hematocrit of 23. The general concensus was that my blood had dropped further than 19 before the transfusions were started. They let me come home on Sunday, only because I am 5 minutes from Vanderbilt. My hematocrit was up to 25, but I was very weak from the whole experience.

I have strict instructions that should any bleeding start again I am to call 911, tell them I am a heart patient who is hemorrhaging and come in an ambulance. If I ever walk into the ER again, I am to tell them I am a heart patient and I am not to wait in the waiting room. My blood got so low that my heart wasn't able to get enough to pump - that is very very bad!

Since one of the GYN surgeons had come to the ER to see me and commented that my uterus had two minds - well, it's named Sybil now. And, Sybil is not going to take me out of this world!! I have lived thru too much for a small organ that is no longer useful to me to be the cause of death.

More on this next update!

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