Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Hips have It

So, let me start by saying I'm loving this chair! I have been all over the place - it is so so nice to have mobility back that does not include pain! A friend and I go up to the student center and have lunch at least once a week. And, now I take my chair to the office. Makes life much easier - I am not exhausted when I leave there or in so much pain I can't think.

Speaking of pain - I saw the orthopaedic doctor last Friday. They did a series of xrays on my hips, pelvis and back. The good news is that my right hip is in great shape! The bad news is that my left hip is in horrible shape! There is no cartilage at all, bone on bone, and that is chipping away or being worn off. He said there is no option but a total hip replacement and there is nothing that will take away the pain in the meantime.

Also, the L4 and L5 vertibrae are out of alignment and severely arthritic - why I can't seem to stand up exactly straight and why, if I could walk much, my back would bother me a great deal. Not much to do for that - just a fact of life at this point.

I am going to see the orthopaedic surgeon for a consult - I'm not sure I can stand the surgery and I'm not sure they do it on someone who still weighs 400 pounds. But, it'll be a starting place and if it's something I have to do after I lose another 100 pounds, I'll have it on the schedule.

Good thing I got the power chair - and the doctor agreed - said I would need it!

Interesting sidenote - there was this huge black spot right near the center of my pelvic bone - Doc said "That's your fibroid tumor - did you know you have a fibroid tumor?" I almost laughed but I didn't! I did manage to tell him that the fibroid had it's very own year - 2009 - and it was not allowed to say or do anything this year!

I didn't weigh at this visit - I've been doing better and have only eat Dominoes once per week the last two weeks!

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