Saturday, April 11, 2009

This Week's Weigh In

After struggling with excess fluid for the whole month, I was afraid of the weigh in on Tuesday. I actually didn't think I'd lost anything else and was figuring I'd put some weight back on. Great news - I didn't gain - I actually lost 8 more pounds!

Definitely not the 30 I'd been looking forward to - but still progress. My doctor was actually relieved, he said I only needed to lose 2-3 lbs per week from now on, anything faster would not be healthy. Still some concern over my kidneys so I had more bloodwork done to be sure we weren't blowing them - so far so good!

So, that's 144 pounds altogether - which is almost 1/4 of my original body weight.

I start physical therapy this Tuesday. I had asked about it because of my lack of stamina and movement after the fall. Since I've managed to get this much weight off - it's a good time to start some kind of program. And, with me moving into Trevecca Towers later this month, they have a workout room and indoor pool. I'd like to get a routine down to use in those facilities that helps me build strength and muscle - I'm already seeing some really flabby skin.

He did increase the metorprolol to 25mg twice a day - my blood pressure was still 143/80 with all that I'm taking, and my heart rate was 80. He wants to get my resting heart rate down to 60 to give it time to fill and rest more. That sure seems slow to me - but then again, I'm not the one with M.D. after my name!

Thanks for all the support and prayers I know friends are sending my way. It helps me tremendously to know that you're rooting for me when the times get tough!

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