Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Numbers

So, after the last post I had a really bad couple of days with the first cycle after having an IUD implanted. Alas, though, that seems to be the norm with the first one and I'm looking forward to better days. Although it might have been horrible for a couple of days, it was only a total of 6 days!! 6 days - after my episode lasting more than 60 days I am relieved!

AND, on that note, I had lost 6 more pounds - I'm now down to 437!! That is unbelievable to me - I am 38 pounds from being under 400 for the first time in about 15 years!! And that 38 doesn't scare me at all!!

I see the doctor August 11 - I am hoping to be down to at least 425 and I'd love to break 400 by Labor Day! Don't know if I can, but I'm trying!

The increased energy and desire to move about is creating some problems - my left hip is still driving me insane. I am going to have to see an orthopaedic - which I swore off years ago - but I really think the bone loss in my right ankle has shortened that leg and the compensation I make in walking is causing the left hip pain. Now, I don't have MD after my name, but I live in this body. I think a little build up under my right heal, even with an insert, may change things. I could try that couldn't I?

Another updated after next Tuesday!!

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