Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wasted Time and Money

So, you want to know how to waste $17,000.00 and a few hours? Implant an IUD into Lisa! Yep, after all that I've been thru with the 60 day cycle, the pain, etc. I had an ultrasound last Thursday only to be told that the IUD is gone. Where the hell did it go? No one knows - except the theory is that when I passed the gallons of blood and clots in the office, it must have been there.

Yesterday the doctor's office called - to tell me that they were calling in a prescription for progesterone (again!) to try and prevent me from bleeding at all and I'll see the doctor again on Sept. 24. Since I'm still opting for the hysterectomy, maybe we can see that in the near future.

I have lost about 40 of the 100 pounds she had said needed to go before surgery, last Tuesday I was down to 435. Lowest weight in 10 years for me!!

I am hoping to be below 400 when I see her on 9/24 - BUT - if I can't have surgery before November - it will have to wait until February 15. We get too busy in the shop from Thanksgiving thru Valentine's Day for me to be off. Of course, surgery on February 15 gives me time to heal good before I go to Costa Rica in the late spring. I'm so excited about that trip I can hardly contain myself! The weather is perfect - 60 degrees at night, only 80 during the day! I may never come back!!

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