Sunday, February 22, 2009

Labels, Labels, Labels

Reading the labels may be the very best way to take control of what you eat. Assuming something is healthier because of a few key words may be the biggest mistake you ever make in food choices.


I love frozen waffles. Pop a couple in the toaster and I'm good. I don't even use syrup - they are usually somewhat sweet and I don't like the mess of syrup. Last week I picked up a box of frozen waffles in the multi-grain flavor. I assumed they would have whole grains which had to be good for me. What I didn't realize is that 2 waffles had 460 mg of sodium!!! Now, if you are on sodium restricted diet that is 1/4 of your daily allowance! I don't want to give up that much sodium for that breakfast - not when I could have an egg, turkey bacon and a piece of toast for less!

SO, I decided to check out the label on the box of Velveeta shells and cheese we had that was made with 2% milk, marketed as low fat! One cup - 980 mg of sodium! No way am I wasting 1/2 of my daily allowance on 1 cup of mac and cheese.

So beware - things marketed as low fat, no fat, etc. have to be making up for taste somewhere and it's either going to be in sugar or sodium. Know what YOUR primary dietary needs are and cater to them, but read the labels on EVERYTHING!

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