Saturday, February 21, 2009


This website has a lot of great information about heart disease, all the different types, meds, food options- a list of foods to eat for heart health - it's a wealth of information . I highly recommend checking it out.

I went over to the Biggest Loser site and thought I would sign up - but I was disturbed to see that it is not free. One month is $19.98 and you can get three months for $55.00. It's not worth it to me. I do enjoy the show, but, I can't see paying.

Weight Watchers has a good site - lots of tips, recipes, etc.

I also went to Amazon and Borders and searching for heart healthy cookbooks. There are a great number of options - I'm ordering one that is heart healthy recipes for two - I figure since I'm about to be living alone that will work for me.

BUT - you do not have to change everything you cook - just the ways you fix some things. Tweaking your own recipes can be a lot of fun and a good way to keep your favorites in your meal plan, just making them more heart healthy.

Big Tip: Don't use self rising flour or cornmeal. Start with the plain, add the baking soda or powder as directed and either none of only 1/2 of the salt. The self rising style has a truckload of salt in it - so you will save tremendous sodium from your body by this one simple step.

My own update today: I have ankles! For the first time in a while I could actually touch my toes today and there was space between them to move around - the top of my foot did not look like a big spaceship bubble and I could feel the bones or metal plates! It was much easier to stand up this morning too!! YEAH!!

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