Saturday, February 28, 2009


The week has gone by pretty good. I've done pretty good on eating. Still taking the fluid pill, which has made a tremendous difference. I have feet! I mean really knobby feet with bones that can be felt. I've even noticed that the little bone which sticks out on the side of your ankle actually hurts because the bone itself is resting on the bed - not a fluid pillow like usual.

Tuesday will tell the tale.

Something to think about - almost all drive thrus have a side salad as an option to fries now. BUT, what I've discovered is that they are all iceberg lettuce with either a small tomato wedge or a couple of grape tomatoes. Iceberg has no nutritional value at all, and from a fast food restaurant, the produce has been chemically treated to keep it from changing colors. Neither of these are acceptable options if you're watching what you eat.

I did notice that Captain D's has romaine lettuce in their side salad. AND, they must not be treated because I didn't get stomach cramps after eating them, and the extra one in the fridge went bad the next day. So, they may be a better choice.

What I've discovered is that by buying romaine, cucumbers, baby carrots and grape tomatoes, washing everything when I get home, chopping the lettuce and cucs into ziplocs - I can put a salad together in about 2 minutes that is far better for me. If I make it easier for me at home, I'll put the food together instead of opting for the ease of the drive thru.

Have you ever noticed that the rise in obesity in this country is directly related to the rise in which fast food and drive thru windows became available? We call it 'death in a paper bag'! Think about it!

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