Friday, February 20, 2009

Weight Gain and the Echogram

From the time I first saw the doctor in October - about two weeks after the class reunion pictures I've posted to this blog - when I was at 550 lbs - I had gained 50 pounds in 4 months!!

I'm sure my eating habits were deplorable during this time, but I didn't do a lot of cooking thru the holidays! This year, I didn't make one single sweet thing except a batch of Lynn's cookies - and I didn't eat but one of those! No cakes, no peanut butter balls, no chess squares, nothing!

The obviously unbelievable weight gain prompted the doctor to order the echogram. I was scared to go for that test because I didn't know what to expect. Tuesday morning I woke up at 3:00 AM and never did go back to sleep. Renee was taking me, so we left here about 7 AM for my 7:30 appointment.

The tech who did the testing was really nice and tried not to make my fear any worse. The worst part of it all was getting this body up on the table and in position. I haven't laid down to sleep for a couple of years now, for the test I had to lay on my left side. But, she had a pillow for my head and I was actually not uncomfortable. It took about 30 minutes to do the test.

I tried looking at the screen - now I don't know too much - but when she said she was looking at the valves, I could tell the bright colors which indicate blood were not all where they should have been. And, when she said she was listening to the blood flow thru the valves, I could hear the little 'whoosh' you don't want to hear. At that point, I quit watching and just lay there.

The good part was she said she was getting some really great pictures!

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