Sunday, March 29, 2009

Heart Healthy Choices

When I went to the grocery store, I was reading labels on everything I bought. For me right now, avoiding sodium is key. Too much sodium causes me to retain fluid which seems to be the worst offender I'm having. My cholesterol is great at 147, tryglicerides (sp?) are 43, so I'm good when it comes to both cholesterol and fat - although - I am not trying to break that bank by gorging on either.

I've talked a lot about the sodium, but there are few choices in anything that is remotely prepared or in packaged food. The other thing I noticed is that the few things Kroger had marked "heart healthy" were on the top shelf and there was only one flavor or option. Most cardiac patients I know are riding in the cart - so you're not going to be able to reach the top shelf unless you've got your cane and can reach up and knock it off (I did that more than once - but it doesn't work with cans or glass jars and bottles) (Also, don't try it on laundry detergent or cokes, beer, etc!)

It's still working to stick with the fresh produce for me. My brother Mike is having some good success with using the Healthy Choice frozen dinners for his lunch, and all kinds of fruit for snacks. I used to do those for lunch at work, maybe I'll check them out this week when I get groceries.

My sister Amy and her husband are having good success with the Paul McKenna diet plan. I haven't researched it all yet - but I will and update. One of the biggest things I know is that you take your time eating, put your fork down between bites, and really learn to listen to your body about when you are full.

I believe that wholeheartedly - like my spill on ordering the small hamburger and a baked potato and being full before it was all gone as opposed to the big double hamburger combo. And, we are all victims of the "there are starving children who'd be glad to clean their plate" society in which we were raised - we don't think food should be wasted so we eat it - mostly when we don't need it. Keeping that in mind has really reduced what I spend at the store - I am not being hungry, but things last longer because one half of a turkey sandwich and an apple fill me up. I don't have to eat the other half plus half a bag of chips - and it's a win/win all around.

Now, don't think I won't eat what I want to - I'm going out with some friends in a couple of weeks for lunch - I hope we go somewhere really good!!

Hope this wasn't too rambly - just things that crossed my mind today. I go to VUMC on Tuesday for bloodwork and see the doctor again on April 7 for a weigh in. My next purchase is going to be a new scale on which to weigh - it will cost me close to $100 but will be a good investment in me and my health.

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