Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sunsweet Prunes

An unlikely title - but I wanted to share this tidbit. While grocery shopping last week - and I have a rant about that! - I bought a container of Sunsweet Prunes that are called "Ones". They are pitted and individually wrapped.

They make a great snack - and they are so sweet that they satisfy the craving I get for something sweet about 9:00 or so at night. And, there is an added benefit, prunes are nature's laxative. They work quite well and have no ill side effects, no cramping, etc.

They may seem like a subject that shouldn't be discussed, but, let me say this - once your body has gotten past a certain age, and I think it's worse after you've carried children - you are going to need some help staying regular. It is essential to your overall body health, and particularly for your colon health.

Prunes - well they are a good way to do that. I got Renee to eat one today, she loves plums, but she made the most horrible face! If you try them, maybe cut the first one into three or four bites so you can get used to it - they are a little different. Growing up, my mom fixed prunes occasionally for supper - I think I understand why now - so I was surprised about the taste. They are good - it's just different if you've never eated them. They are dried prunes, like raisins are dried grapes. That should help!

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  1. I think I was the only child in elementary school that liked prunes. They are quite tasty!